Greg Vaughn—RV Wrap with Cut Graphics

Before - front end

Before - driver's side

Painting matte black

Applying wrap vinyl panels and striping

Cut lettering applied


Clients Name

Client came to us for a total body wrap and design. The original RV graphics and paint were fading a bit, so we sent the RV over to Gabriel at NorCal Customz, in Sacramento, to do the matte black on front end, top and various outlets. They did a great job on all the parts painted!  The client wanted a subtle design, so we chose a gloss charcoal metallic for the body, and a matte black for striping as well as a gloss black rose and a gloss fiery orange. All vinyls used were 3M, 1080 series. Color was important for such a large surface, and these colors choices proved stunning together! Once RV came back from NorCal Customz, we had the task of removing old decals, vents, and side lights. This is so the vinyl can be tucked into any body seam openings, and light housings, for a nice clean seamless look. Working with 60" wide by 82" tall sheets of vinyl, we covered RV. Once covered, the detailing begins! Cutting, tucking, taping...and of course, a torch is a must on a job like this! The side panel vents needed to be sprayed matte black first then wrapped.